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Aruba XL TV DVD Stereo 118 JET Hot Tub-Deep and Large Size

Aruba XL TV DVD Stereo 118 JET Hot Tub-Deep and Large Size
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Sale Price: $4,499.00
Compared at: $14,999.00
You Save: $10,500.00
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Size / Seating Capacity"
90", 90", 37" / 6 Person
Seating Design
Bucket, Lounge, Chair, Lazy-Boy Style Chair, Bench
Water Capacity / Dry weight
445 Gallons / 661 lbs.
Number of Pumps
3 X 5HP
5.5 KW Heavy Duty Heater, 220V, 50 amp / ETL Certified
Other Features Included
Ozone / Ambiance Lighting / Exterior Lighting

This rise up and rise down 17” Flat Screen TV System is a spectacular feature to add to our spas. Lay down in your lounger or hot tub seat, relax and watch your favorite movie or TV. Hook your standard cable from the house or pop in a DVD and to watch your favorite movie. TV rises up and down with the push of a button, and there is a remote control for the TV as well as the DVD player. A solid protective plastic cover protects the TV from the environment and an advanced mechanical system, pulls the TV down and covers it when not in use. Also use the system like a stereo system, and play your favorite CD or plug in your IPOD or music payer into the DVD. Two standard speakers are built into the sides of the cabinet, or you can upgrade to the POP-UP speakers.

You can upgrade from the standard side panel speakers and add two more pop-up speakers on top of the spa (to have 4 speakers total). The pop-up speakers are especially advantageous with the TV feature because it allows you to hear better above the spa.

The circulation pump is the most recommended option to add to our spas. It is an extra pump that only runs on 0.5 HP (instead of the larger 5 HP Jet Pumps) that allows you to keep your spa heated and cleaning while not in use, and most importantly helps you cut down your electricity bill. If you don’t have a circulation pump, you have to run the larger pumps to keep the spa heated and the spa will use more electricity. Also with the circulation pump option, you will have a timer, so that you can set the circulation pump on for any amount of time (for example an hour a day), which will allow you to keep your spa heated to the perfect temperature. When the circulation pump is turned on, it turns on only the heater and not the jets, and also keeps the water circulating to keep it clean.

The cover for Island Spas is a highly durable, child proof walk on cover, with a waterproof insulated foam padding which insulates your spa. The spa also comes with child proof locks, and folds over in the middle. Our covers are durable and built to last.

The cover lifter is a nice feature because you don’t have to strain yourself when taking off the 65 pound cover from the spa. Good for elderly, children, physically challenged, or people with back pains. If you don’t feel like putting muscle into the task, add the cover lifter, and you can easily pull the cover off by just using one arm and moving the spring loaded lever from one side to the other. The cover lifter feature is also nice because it stows the cover nicely to the side of the spa (total thickness = 10 inches when folded on side of spa), instead of leaving it lying around.

The polar foam options is recommended to anybody who lives in the US to add more insulation and thus cutting down on the electricity bill. Standard insulation comes packed several inches on the back of the hot tub shell, but Polar Foam is the option to put extra insulation around the cabinetry of the spa to provide more heat entrapment thus allowing the spa to keep its temperature longer. This is a must for any state with a cold winter. When you add the polar foam, the combination of the cabinet foam, the standard shell foam, and the wrapped ABS plastic bottom, creates a highly insulated tub even for the harshest of cold winters.

Our Salt Water System is our hottest selling new option on our spas. It uses an advanced electronic process that sanitizes your water by creating a pure form of chlorine from salt. After the chlorine and the bacteria are killed, the chlorine is converted back to salt and the process is ongoing. There are many health benefits to using a salt water system chlorinator, including eliminating irritation to your skin and eyes. And you only have to add salt (pool salt from a pool store), instead of dealing with messy chemicals. You also save money because pool salt costs much less than chlorine.. Our spas come standard with an Ozone Oxidation System, but even with Ozone you need some kind of sanitizer to keep your water fully clean. So you can choose either chlorine/bromine chemicals, or you can choose the safer, healthier alternative the Salt Water Sanitizer System. Here are more features:

  • comes with cell holder, cell is replaceable
  • easy set-up, screws into side of spa
  • no more purchasing, transporting, or storing chlorine
  • LED indicator lights tell you salt levels
  • commercial grade titanium cell plates
  • chlorine output is adjustable by a timer

Lift-gate delivery to the front of the house is free of charge and is included in the hot tub pricing. But if you want “inside” or “backyard delivery” to your home, we can bring out a few extra men and equipment to help with that. The moving staff will also remove the crating and debris from the spa and set it in the exact place you want it. In order to do backyard delivery we require:

  • No obstructions – so remove them first, the spas are delivered upright
  • No more than 200 feet from the truck
  • Remove any fences or gates if the spa height cannot fit through it (the spa is on its side)
  • Path must be fairly level, no steep hills or steps

Our filters are unique to our spas and cannot be obtained elsewhere so it may be good to buy extra filters upfront. The most common problem with any spa brand is “the spa is not heating up”, and almost 99% of the time it’s because people have dirty filters! Of course it’s always a relief when customers find they can just clean their filters (with air hose or dishwasher), to fix this common issue. But you can’t clean the filters forever, as they do need to be replaced every 6 months. So get some extra filters. Our parts warehouse keeps these filters in stock and it has been around for 38 years.

Our standard cabinets are made of wood. The upgraded cabinet is made of synthetic hard plastic (polystyrene). Synthetic cabinets are preferred by most customers because they still look like real wood, but don’t need the maintenance that wood cabinets need such as regular water sealing. Also wood can rot, warp, fade or blister from the sun, whereas the synthetic version will last a lifetime.

The Spa Surround contains a complete spa bar, stools, and corner to create a high-end look to your spa, and allow you to entertain more people when using it.

You can add an extra layer of lighting above the rim of the spa to make your spa even livelier. Crystal clear shining LED lights will be placed above the rim of the water, and you can run them in accordance to the ambiance lighting pattern of the underwater bulb. It is also a nice feature to show off your spa at night when not in use.

As a standard feature on all our spas, enjoy ambiance lighting. This rich luminescent system, goes through a continuous slow cycle of colors when the lights are on. Enjoy the natural progression of lighting which makes this hot tub and enriched experience.

The ACC™ can be programmed and handles all functions of the spa with simplicity of use. Some of the functions include controlling pumps, ozonators, filtration cycles, lighting systems, and entertainment features. This control panel has a large digital display which is easy to read while you are enjoying your spa. The "Smart Touch" also filters the water in the spa after you need it the most, after you use the spa. This saves you money and wear and tear on your spa. This system is named as "smart" because it remembers when you use the spa the most, and the rest of the day, it runs in economy mode.

Our spas come with the highest power heaters in the industry - 5.5 Kilowatt, versus the average in the industry which is 4.0 Kilowatt. What that means is that your spa will heat up faster when you need it. Our spas are designed to heat well in even the coldest of climates in Canada and the North East United States as our customer basis is all throughout North America.

The ozone system is standard in our spas, and cuts down 55% on the amount you need to spend on chlorination or other chemicals in your spa. It also saves you time in handling chlorines and chemicals, since the ozone is turned on with just a button. The ozone oxidation system is a non-chemical natural process of killing the bacteria in your hot tub. It leaves your water pristine and sparkling clean. The ozone molecules combine with bacteria to neutralize and destroy them. You can turn the ozonator on 20 minutes before you get in the spa, so that you when you get in you can enjoy a purer and softer water.

Our spas have an advanced “dual filter” system that allows a high volume of water purification through the dual filtration system. The spas filter at about 320 Liters per Minute. Filters can be dish washed for up to 6 months to a year, and then you can purchase replacements. It’s a good idea to buy an extra set of filters ahead of time when you get your spa.

Included a standard feature on all our spas, is the water fountain feature. See attached picture. The water fountain allows for a soothing water spout to come out in the spa, which you can dip your head in to cool off or just relax and to the sound of a flowing waterfall.

This spa comes with an industry leading 5 -year premium parts warranty covering both parts and electronics. This is the highest standard in the industry for hot tubs. The shell and structure our warrantied for Lifetime, and unprecedented warranty in the industry. . Island Spas has a full-time spa technician on staff available, with over 36 years of experience, which will assist you with any service needs you have. Even though we are an online company, our spa technician can trouble shoot problems quickly over the phone and determines what parts you need. Then they will dispatch parts directly to you. Nowadays parts are easy to replace and about 70% of our customers just install their replacement parts themselves because the spas are designed to be plug and play. Or a handyman can be hired a in conjunction with our live spa tech for parts for any repairs. This is a parts and not a labor warranty. Parts are the primary cost in warranty situations, and labor tends to be a lower cost as most jobs can be handled with menial labor from 1 to 2 hours.

Our spas are made of a thick ABS plastic bottom which servers for several advantages:

  • Rodent Proof
  • Easy Moving with “designed-in” Pallet Molds easy for equipment to pick up and move the spa
  • High Insulation Properties
  • Structural Integrity – the bottom wraps around the side panel to create overall
  • strength

Our spas are equipped with jet diverters so if not all seats are occupied at once, you can divert all the power of the jets to one side of the spa.

All our spas are independently tested for one week by a 3rd party testing company which publishes a 32 page detailed report about the spas with over 122 tests. All features and tests must PASS before a spa is considered complete, and thus ready to ship to customers. We can supply a customer their inspection report upon request.

Unlike many brands, Island Spas do not use steel frames, and therefore will not rust, rot or weaken over time. We use a thick synthetic frame designed and tested to hold and support up to 8 times the load of the hot tub, water, and people in it. Furthermore the thick, tough polystyrene plastic bottom further fortifies the structure of this spa. This supremely built structure not only fortifies the long lifespan of your spa, but also allows us to safely transport our spas to anywhere in the US, as well as Canada and Europe without damage. The thick polystyrene plastic bottom also serves as insulation for the spa and keeps out rodents or insects from getting into the spa. The bottom of the spa is also molded with “pallet jack” indents making it easy to move with equipment. To further support the structure and long term integrity, each seat of the spa is supported by its own thick synthetic beam from the bottom. We furthermore crate our spas before shipping to provide added safety in the shipping process.

Benefits of Synthetic Frame:

  • Will not rust, warp, or degrade
  • 100% environmentally recyclable composite materials
  • Highest strength support through composites, absorbing and distributing the weight and shell stress

Standard cabinets are wooden, but we recommend the Enduro™ Synthetic Cabinet upgrades. Benefits of Cabinet:

  • Cross grain construction for strength and good looks
  • Maintenance free
  • Long lasting finish / UV stable
  • Will not warp, rot, or wear
  • All panels remove with 4 bolts
  • Looks like real wood

All the plumbing on Island Spas are combined with two kinds of clamps in addition to using top quality “blue” pool glue, making leaks very uncommon in our spas. All spas are tested and inspected for 24 hours as well, before passing inspection.

Island Spas Jets are designed for maximum massage, relaxation, and rehabilitation therapy. Each spa has its own unique array of jets which contain the following types of jets directed at key points on your body:

  • Pin Point Jets
  • Directional Jets (can point where you want)
  • Vortex “spinning” hydrotherapy jets

Choose Your Hot Tub Interior Colors:

Choose Your Hot Tub Cabinet Colors


Perhaps the hottest, best-selling TV Hot Tub in the USA, the ARUBA XL hot tub by Island Spas has been selling like hot cakes since its introduction 2 years ago. It has a ton of positive reviews and gained a significant number of devoted fans. This is our top-selling large size hot tub usually packaged with an incredible TV-DVD-STEREO system that is sure to entertain and relax people. The water jet setting is superb with over 72 JETS which powered by 3 large five horse- power pumps, hitting every part of body for unsurpassed experience in relaxation and massage. The seating design is also popular, as this tub has a full down recliner chair with jets all the way from head to toe, as well as a lounger for a full lay down experience. This hot tub comfortably sits 6, which shows that it is really one of our largest tubs. The TV system included is a 17” rise up and down system, that comes with a remote and DVD. Choose your favorite movie on DVD or with cable hook-up or just listen to music via your iPod or using a CD. Standard features on this spa include ozone, ambiance lighting, and elegant exterior spa lighting which comes in handy at nighttime. All corner seats have soft head cushioning, and a simple to use digital control pad from Applied Computer Controls that makes this perhaps our most superior spa.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Teresa
11/11/2013 - 03:07:31 AM
Definitely money well spent
Never in my wildest dreams have I thought that I would ever afford a top of the line hot tub like this one. Got the Aruba XL at a special discount from Hot Tubs and Portable Spas, so I got it a only a fraction of the price! My hubby, who's an engineering graduate, told us that this spa is of high quality with the way it looks and feels. We had it set on a cement patio and the electric hookups were a cinch, thanks to the handy live chap support. The chemical kit that came included for free was a great addition, and there were no chlorine odor whatsoever while in use. Delivery was awesome too, as it came a day earlier of the given time frame.
Reviewed by Curtis
06/17/2013 - 08:26:07 AM
Highly recommended product and service
Thanks to the strong performance and careful placement of its 118 jets, I have been taking less of my back pain medications with only 6 months of using the Aruba XL. That alone is worth every penny I spent on this wonderful tub! It also feels good inside to see my children and my grand kids enjoy taking a dip in the tub whenever they come over for the weekend, thanks to its complete spa theatre system and easy to use controls. What I loved the most is that the company's customer service team is always friendly and patient enough to handle all my concerns, as I've been constantly phoning them whenever I misplace the user's manual.
Reviewed by Veronica
04/07/2013 - 11:27:26 PM
exceptional customer service
I'm not a big fan of writing reviews, but since it's the second year of my Aruba XL (yes, the same one I got from this site). From the moment the tub was delivered to my doorstep, I knew that it's one of the best investments I've made. Sure, we've had some love - hate moments, like the time a few of its 118-jets stopped working. But upon phoning my concerns, they were happy to send me a couple hundred bucks to cover the repair. After hiring a repairman, turned out that the service costs even less but they still let me keep the change. Now that's exceptional customer service. These guys are highly recommended!

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